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The E.A.M. was founded on 3/7/1997 by Vitório Felipe Massoni. There is 19 years in the professional audio market with high quality products!


We are currently located in the Street April 21, No. 850, in Catanduva, in the state of São Paulo. Our ZIP code is: 15801-170. See on map


Our production line has Processed Frequency Dividers, Direct Boxes Actives and Passives, Mixer Splitters and more. See all of our products


Discover the full line E.A.M. and be amazed by all that our products can do to enhance the quality of their audio projects.

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Eletro Acústica Mass - E.A.M.
Street April, 21, No. 850
Catanduva-SP, Postal Code: 15801-170
Phone: +55(17)3523-2728
Whatsapp: +55(17)99704-3555
Commercial: comercial@eam.com.br
Sales: vendas@eam.com.br
Marketing: marketing@eam.com.br
Support: suporte@eam.com.br
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